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St James Mountainsports Series

Saturday 20 January 2018,  6:00am
Location: Lake Tennyson to St James Homestead, near Hanmer Springs
Contact: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Ph. (03) 315 7151

Providing competitors with the chance to compete in some of New Zealand's most epic high country landscapes on the iconic St James Station deep in the Southern Alps behind Hanmer Springs. Find your challenge in The "James" Mountainsports Series - Will you survive or become dog tucker?

Events to be held are:

The James Macpac Mountainman: Start 6am at Lake Tennyson. This is NZ's toughest one day multisport race, starting with either a 2km swim (Xtreme option) or 10km kayak (adventure option) then onto the bikes for a 103km MTB stage and finishing with a 50km high country run!

The "James" Alpine Adventure Race: Start 8:30am at Lake Tennyson. An Xterra type off road event with 3 options - Adventure (kayak/mtb/run), Xtreme (swim/mtb/run) and Ultimate (swim/kayak/mtb/run) the 4 stages are swim 1.5km, kayak 7 km, MTB 65 km and high country run 17 km.

The "James" Epic: 100km MTB race start lake Tennyson at 8:00am. A true Epic that others only dream of.

The Old Forest Hanmer 100: 100km offroad ultramarathon with 80 and 50km options.

The Ground Effect "James" Pony Express: 65km MTB race, start lake tennyson at 9am.

EM's Power Cookies James Stampede Ultra: Start at Fowlers Camp at 7am. A full 50km Mountain Ultra adventure run.

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